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Design wise it is certainly different on its own. Though not something I haven't seen before; that being Karin's chest being proportion...

Overall the quality of the art/drawing is good and certainly noteworthy even with the increase assets - Not that I mind to be clear - y...

It looks amazing, the details are there right down to the curves. Even down to the white spots that show a somewhat glisten shine to it...

A beautiful tribute to the character Mei, one of the best I've seen yet. Meticulously drawn in proper ordered that shows the level of c...

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Chapter 4

"Human talking"

'Human Thinking'

[Lemon, Flashbacks, A/N]


"Non-human talking"

'Non-human thinking'

Disclaimer: I don't own Anything in the story just my own Idea's.

Both Naruto and Konan were wearing black cloaks with straw hats. Arriving at Nami No Kuni, they took in the sites of the small country and were very displeased, finding it very depressing. Children on the streets, homeless looking very famished, judging how emaciated they looked. Bodies in the alley way dead and mutilated or badly beaten. If the number of bruises wasn't any indication then the number of stab wounds would. Woman wearing tattered clothes leaking out bodily fluid that were and weren't their own, such as semen and urine. They already knew they were raped to the extent that they were broken.

"Kami...what happened here?" Konan whispered that only Naruto could hear.

"I don't know, but its best we find out so we can at least help these people." Naruto said, getting a nod of agreement from the bluenette.

They sat down in a local bar. "Konan hide your appearance with a Henge. From what we saw they don't treat woman here with kindness." Naruto quickly said. Konan didn't say anything but just made a discrete Henge that changed her gender.

"What will you be having?" The bartender asked.

Naruto looked around before lightly opening his cloak to reveal the inner chest pocket and revealed a small wad of cash. "Some information if you have any." Naruto said. The bartender quickly reached out his hand as Naruto handed him the money. Hiding it under the counter, he quickly browsed through the bills to count its amount before nodding in satisfaction. He quickly stuffed the money into his pants pocket.

"Ask away stranger." He said.

"What happened here that this place looks like how it does now?" Naruto asked quietly. The bartender quickly glanced around as if making sure someone wouldn't hear what he was about to say.

"Well...a guy named Gato took over this town using hired mercenaries. He hired them using the large amounts of money he has. The Gato Company that he owns is said to be worth millions." He said.

Konan raised an eyebrow at this. "Why hasn't the daimyo done anything and why haven't the people done anything?" She asked. The bartender made a gesture for additional compensation which Naruto gave.

"Well Gato is actually the daimyo since he bought the land when he took it over, and as for the people standing up to him, it's the carpenter and local portman family, a guy named Kaiza. But sadly he's scheduled to be executed later today. I suppose Gato will be making an example out of him."

Naruto and Konan gave each other a knowing look. Naruto quickly thanked the bartender before leaving to save this Kaiza person and kill Gato.

Both saw a large crowd gathered at the center of the town and from the amount of negative emotion it was safe to say that the execution was going to happen there. Making their way through the crowd, they saw a man who was heading up to a pedestal who they assumed is Kaiza. hat and a black hair woman was crying out his name along with a small kid and a bearded old man. Naruto saw the executioner, instantly recognizing him from the bingo book as the Demon of the Hidden Mist and one of the Seven Swordsmen, Zabuza Momochi. In his hand he held the Kubikiribocho, a massive slab of steel that could cut through flesh and bone like it was paper.

In front of the pedestal was a diminutive, sunglasses wearing man. He wore an expensive looking business suit and gripped a cane which had a silver ornament atop it. From this, both Naruto and Konan assumed that the man was Gato. Standing beside Gato were hundreds of mercs who acted as his bodyguards.

"Konan, take the family to safety. I'll handle Zabuza along with his hidden lackey." Naruto said in a commanding tone. Konan nodded and then made her way towards Kaiza's family. Quickly taking two guards and substituting them with her paper clones, she quickly told them to stay quiet as she and Naruto were going to help them.

"So any last words, trash, before you die?" Gato asked with an arrogant smirk on his face. Kaiza met his eyes and stared at him. If looks could kill then Gato would have been dead.

"Yeah. I'll you this, Gato. Someday...someone is going to take a stand. Someday, someone is going to say enough! And when that day comes you will be begging on your knees pleading for that somebody to spare you." Kaiza said. Then in one last act of defiance, he spat in his face.

Gato sneered angrily as he wiped the spit off of his face. "KILL HIM!" He roared in anger and Zabuza moved to carry out the task, bringing down his massive blade to behead him. Time seemed to slow down as the massive meat cleaver descended down on him. Kaiza closed his eyes accepting his fate with hope that someone will one day free his country and kill Gato. However, the death of the young man came to an abrupt halt as a loud clang sound was heard causing Kaiza to open his eyes. Turning to the side, he saw a shocked Gato.

"Excuse me, but are you Kaiza the local carpenter and boat men?" A man holding a black sword in his right hand, held the massive sword just inches away from his neck, Kaiza could only nod in confirmation. "Oh that's good, since I, along with my companion are in need of a boat. But where are my manners. My name is Adol Christin and I'm here to help you out of this jam and then employ your services." Naruto said introducing himself using his alias before pushing back Zabuza's sword then quickly kicking him in the side sending him crashing into a small building making a decent size hole in the wall.

The people quickly got of the way as Gato ordered his men to kill him while he made his way back to the safety of his mansion. Naruto simply shook his head before unsheathing Senbonzakura and muttering Scatter. Instantly, the thousands of cherry blossom petals made small work of the hundreds of mercs, giving them no chance of escaping.

Naruto left one alive since he only needed one for this. "Now, I'll let you pass on if you answer me this. Where is Gato's place?" He asked in a sickeningly sweet voice that held the promise of immense pain.

"H-He's h-h-heading to his m-mansion just up that direction." The subordinate pointed east. Today the people will remember this day as the Sakura no Hanabira Gyakusatsu, the Cherry Petal Massacre, and the day they were going to be free from Gato.

Naruto smiled, then sheathed both swords before unsheathing Overture. "W-Wait, I-I t-thought you were going to let me go!" The young lackey said fearfully as Overture change to its Gun mode.

"Oh? I said I was going to let you pass on meaning to next life. So rest in peace." Naruto said before shooting him square in the head.

Konan walked up towards him, but before she could say anything he cut her off. "I'll be heading towards the mansion, Konan-chan. Sorry for asking this, but I need you to make sure none of Gato's men make it out of here alive." Naruto said barley containing the rage in his voice.

"Very well. Just make it quick and leave your some of your clones to assist me." Naruto nodded and made four clones before Shunpo-ing towards Gato's place.

"So this is Gato's place? Big door." Naruto's observation of Gato's mansion and the large door that was blocking him. "Well, can't have this thing blocking my way." Naruto said before concentrating his youkao into his finger tips.

"Cero." Naruto fired of a dark red, concentrated blast of youkai, destroying the large door and killing anyone standing behind it.

Once the smoke and debris cleared, Naruto saw several hundred men standing in his way and about fifty bodies that were dead due to his technique.

"Hmm the Cero was successful Naruto-kun. Though you still need to work on its power, it still was a good trial run. Now give us a show." Saeko praised her lover, a fanged grin decorating her face in anticipation in the upcoming bloodbath. Naruto smirked darkly as he took out Overture before kneeling, placing his hands on the floor. Naruto sensed there were people beneath, probably kept as prisoners.

"This will be over soon and I might as well free the people that bastard kept imprisoned." Naruto glanced at the mercs standing in his way before rising to his full height and made a 'come at me' gesture.

Several men did so and charged at him with the intent of killing him and avenging their fallen companions. Changing Overture into Gun mode, Naruto jumped right above them, then, just before landing, he made an aerial spin creating orbs of energy that encircled him. The spheroids of chakra launched themselves at the enemies, retaining their circular formation as they did so.

"Fated Circle!" Naruto detonated them creating a large explosion, killing them a small portion of the mercenary army. Naruto then charged at them with his blade drawn back.

"Double Blitz!" Naruto seemed to vanish from view before two trails of colour marked his rapid movement. The mercenaries who were struck could only blink in surprise before they fell apart, vertically bifurcated by the swift pair of attacks. "Well, one hundred of more of you to go." Naruto said smiling darkly. Inside his mindscape, Saeko was getting turned on, her face both spoke of blood lust and sexual lust.

"After this, Naruto-kun, I am going to ride you till I can't feel my hips." She said in pure animistic lust. Her room mates could only shake their heads at the demoness, though the thought of riding Naruto got them to turn crimson as well as imagining doing things to him things that would be considered X-Rated that would make a certain white haired hermit die of blood loss.

Currently Gato was hiding inside his office pissing himself from fear as he, along with his unfortunate body guards can hear the sound of flesh being slice, men screaming in agony and mercy only to be silence.

A loud banging noise could be heard from the other side of the room as the mercs were begging their boss to let them in. "BOSS, PLEASE LET US IN! THIS GUY IS NOT HUMAN! HE'S DEATH HIMSELF OR A DEMON SENT TO KILL US ALL! PLEASE BOSS, LET...OH KAMI...DON'T...PLEASE GHAK!" There was a moment of silence before the door blasted open revealing Naruto with one foot above a decapitated head before crushing it to mush. Without any warning Naruto fired off five quick shots killing the last of Gato's hired mercenaries.

"Well Gato, all your men are dead. You will be as well unless you give me the keys to the dungeon you keep all the people you imprisoned in, and give me all your money, then I'll let you live." Naruto said. Gato quickly handed him the key to the basement dungeon and the vault combination number. The vault contained scrolls which held all the money Gato earned and pilfered over the years. Naruto decided to take half and give the rest to the people of Nami. Naruto then summoned two clones, ordering them to stay with Gato while he (the original Naruto) freed the prisoners.

Naruto saw the people who were kept in prison, the majority being women. Naruto made five Kage Bunshins to free them and escort them upstairs.

"Naruto-kun I can feel a Bijuu's jinchuriki nearby. Two in fact." Saeko said with a worried tone as she could feel their distress. It had been a while since she last viewed the memory of each Bijuu that held her beast chakra form.

Naruto made his way to a prison cell where Saeko sensed the two Bijuu containers. There, in that small prison cell, he saw six women, two of which he could sense contained the tailed beasts.

The first woman had blonde, straight hair, fair skin, dark eyes and C-cup breast. Naruto could feel Bijuu chakra coming from her.

The second was also blonde, her hair reaching to her shoulders cut in a asymmetric bob style with front bangs, fair skin, blue eyes, and E-cup breasts.

The third woman had orange hair, tan skin, brown eyes and C-cup breasts.

The fourth woman, she had long, black hair, fair skin, black pupiless eyes, and D-cup breasts.

The fifth woman had light grey hair, dark-skin, green eyes, and F-cup breasts.

The last woman had mint-green hair, dark-skin, orange eyes, and C-cup breast. Like the first woman Naruto could also feel Biju chakra coming from her.

Each of them were wearing tattered clothes which allow him to see that each of them had the muscular build affiliated with kunoichi, which suggest they were in fact kunoichi. How Gato captured them was beyond him. "Who are you? Are another one of Gato's men?" The mint green haired women ask. Naruto shookhis head in a no.

"No, I'm actually the guy who took him down and now the person who's going to free all of you. I'm Adol Christine by the way." Naruto said before opening their prison cell. Upon closer observation, Naruto could see chakra seal restraints, chakra suppression seals and chakra siphon seals which absorb their chakra if they decided to use any.

The first blonde stood up. "My name is Yugito Nii and these here are Samui, Sasame, Kotohime, Mabui and Fuu." She said introducing the others.

"Kitten there's something off about him. I could feel the power of a Bijuu's youkai coming from him, but it feels like all nine of us." Her Bijuu said, shocking Yugito though she didn't show it.

"Fuu, I can feel the power of a Bijuu. It feels like all nine of us are inside him, but I sense no hostility from him. Keep your guard up." Fuu nodded at her Biju's words.

Naruto took a step forward, raising his hand to show he meant no harm. "Okay, I'll be removing the seals from you so you might as well tell me how you five got here." Naruto said as he started removing the chakra seals.

"Sasame and I are from the Fuuma clan from Rice Country. We fled our home when a men named Orochimaru came with the promise of making our clan strong again, but Sasame's cousin Arashi saw trough his deception and turned down his offer. Orochimaru then proceeded in killing us off. We were able to escape, but we were exhausted in fleeing and we decided to camp in on one night. We were then captured by Gato's men and brought here with the intention of using us as his personal playthings. If it weren't for the anti-rape seal Sasame made they would have succeeded in doing so." Kotohime said with a sad tone.

Naruto was saddened by what happened to their clan, angered at Orochimaru for attacking their clan and amazed by Sasame's anti-rape seal. "I'm sorry that happened to the two of you, and I am impressed by the seal you made, Sasame, since it prevented them for using you and your friend's bodies as mere sex-toys for Gato." Naruto said with a genuine smile that got her to blush.

"Thank you for the praise, Adol-san. Though, I'm still a novice in seals since I have limited knowledge of them." Sasame said.

Naruto lightly chuckled. "Regardless, you still impress me and now so what your story?" Naruto said then turn his attention to the other four women.

"The three of us are from Kumogakure and Fuu is from Takigakure." Mabui stated.

"You see, Samui and Yugito were supposed to be married to the Yondaime Hokage's son for a marriage agreement and I was tasked to oversee the meeting between the two, but we were betrayed by the escort team assigned to us. We suspected it was a member of the council. When we got captured were sent here and we overheard the guards mentioning that Fuu and Yugito were going to be sold to a group called Akatsuki along with the news of the destruction of Konoha." Mabui said with a sad expression.

"As for me, Taki decided to sell me to Gato in exchange for funding, and like what Mabui-san said, Gato was planning to sell me and Yugito to Akatsuki...whoever they are." Fuu said with hate in her voice.

Naruto didn't show any facial expression aside from a left eye twitch. Since Samui and Yugito were to be his wives, he didn't know what to make of it, but brush it off to another topic Akatsuki. Naruto knew about them and their goals since Konan told her about them. "The Akatsuki is a group of people with the sole task of capturing and extracting the Bijuu in hopes of creating a powerful weapon." Naruto informed them getting a gasp while Samui merely narrowed her eyes at Naruto.

"How do you know this, Adol-san?" She asked.

"Information and gossip around one of being they are compose of S-rank missing nin" Naruto said as the final chakra seals were removed. "All done, now let's get out of here shall we?" Naruto said getting nods of agreement from the six women.

Coming upstairs, the prisoners, including the six women, saw Gato hogtied like a pig that he was, with a gag ball in his mouth before gesturing to them to follow him towards the exit.

"So, Sasame what you think of Adol-san?" Kotohime asked with a hint of lust in her voice as she spared a glance to the gun-sword toting shinobi. "Well, I can sense he's powerful and a master of seals judging by how he removed each seal restraints. Maybe we should stick with him." Sasame said.

Kotohime nodded to her fellow Fuuma clanswoman. She was correct. Adol (Naruto) was indeed strong from the number of bodies that were cut in half that they bypassed. They saw Naruto stop. "You can come out now, Zabuza...along with your companion or do you want me to make both of you come out?" Naruto called out. Zabuza along with what Naruto could tell was a fake Kiri hunter shinobi came out. "So tell me Zabuza, have you really stooped so low that you would willingly work for a slime like Gato?" Naruto said placing his hand on the hilt of Zangetsu.

Zabuza sighed as Naruto was clearly stronger than him so he decided to tell him about the Kiri civil war. By the end of it, Naruto was deep in thought since thanks to this civil war the trip to Uzu was stall. That left him with one option. "How about this, Zabuza? I'll give you the money Gato promised you. In exchange you introduce me, along with my companion, to the rebel leader. As for the why I am asking you, I will tell once we are at the rebel camp." Naruto said. This surprised both Zabuza and the fake-hunter since they didn't expect him doing this, but Zabuza was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Okay you got yourself a deal ummm..." Zabuza stopped at the last part realizing he didn't know the name of the guy is.

Naruto scratched the back of his head in a mild embarrassment. "Well, I'm Adol Christin. Nce to meet you Zabuza and Fake Hunter-san." Naruto did a mock bow

"Nice to meet you as well, Adol-san. And my name isn't Fake-hunter-san, it's Haku." The hunter-nin removed the mask revealing her cream-white skin, dark eyes and hair.

Naruto looked at Haku then back to Zabuza. "So I'm guessing she's your daughter or something?" Naruto asked getting a nod from Zabuza. "Yes she is, adopted though. I found her one day and decided to take her in." Zabuza said. Naruto nodded with a small smile.

Naruto arrived at the main living area of Nami and the prisoners, minus the six women, went to find their friends, family and loved ones. Naruto couldn't help but smile seeing as he, along with Konan, helped the people of Nami. But he had one last gift for them.

"People of Nami no Kuni..." He shouted to get their attention, which he was quick to receive. "...I give you Gato!" Naruto said then tossed Gato on the ground. "Now I am a man of my word. I promised him in exchange for all his money and the prisoners I would let him live, but I didn't say anything about all of you now did I?" Once Naruto finishedm each of the villagers surrounded the scared man. The lust for retribution burned within their eyes.

Konan, along with Kaiza's family approached Naruto. "Thank you so much Adol-san, I...we...are forever in your debt." Kaiza said before stretching out his hand. Naruto took his hand and shook it. "Think nothing of it." Naruto said before handing him the scroll which contains half of the money Naruto took from Gato.

"With this you should be able to get your country out of its slumps. I will also be handing you the deed of this place making you the new Daimyo of this place Kaiza." Naruto said making Kaiza's wife cry tears of joy. They got their country back and now they got the chance of making it prosper.

"Thank you once again Adol-san. The people of Nami owes a debt the we may not be able to pay but name it I will do to my best ability." Kaiza said, his voice shaken from the amount of happiness he was feeling.

Naruto just smiled at them. "Well me and my companion were looking for a boat to take us to Kirigakure. Don't worry about Zabuza. He's working for me, trust me" Naruto said. Kaiza nodded, trusting Naruto's words. "Okay, but it will take time to rebuild the place. Two weeks at most so you might as well stay in our place. I'm sure my wife and her dad wouldn't mind." Kaiza said getting a nod from his family.

Naruto looked to Konan who gave a casual nod. "We will take you up on that offer, Kaiza-san." Naruto said. He then turned his attention to the six women. "So what are you six going to do now?" Naruto asked them.

"Well if you're fine with it, Adol-san...we were thinking of tagging along with you. Yugito, Samui and I need to lay low till we can get in contact with A-sama, the Raikage." Mabui stated then gestured to Sasame. "Also Sasame here wants to learn seals from you and Kotohime since she's her clanswoman." She finished.

Naruto was a bit surprised, but nonetheless he understood. "I have no problem with it. But all of you going to have to ask Konan-chan." Naruto turned to his blue haired companion who was keeping an impassive face. Inwardly however, she was suspicious that these sluts (in her opinion) would try and steal her Naruto-kun.

"It matters not to me so long as they don't slow us down, but I must ask...why Kirigakure?" Konan asked.

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Well since there is a civil war going on, if we travel all the way to Uzu we may get bombarded of suspicion of working for the other side of the faction. Look I'll explain everything when we get there so I don't have to repeat myself, okay Konan-chan?" Naruto explained. Konan nodded before leaving to follow Kaiza to his house ignoring the painful screams of Gato as the villagers were getting their revenge.


-Ja Ne-



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